1. Tigers Are Not Afraid  –stream on Shudder; rent on YouTube
  2. Parasite   – watch in theaters; also available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu
  3. Midsommar   – stream on Amazon
  4. Us   – stream on HBO Now; rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and VOD
  5. One Cut of  the Dead   – stream on Shudder
  6. Velvet Buzzsaw  – stream on Netflix
  7. High Life   – stream on Amazon; rent on iTunes, Vudu and VOD
  8. It: Chapter Two  – rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and VOD
  9. Horror Noire: History of Black Horror stream on Shudder
  10. Light Housewatch in theaters; rent on iTunes and VOD
  11. Daniel Isn’t Real  – rent on Amazon, iTunes and Vudu
  12. Doctor Sleep  – watch in theaters
  13. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  – rent on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and VOD
  14. The Perfection  – stream it on Netflix



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