The Classics

All prints and products here are handmade by the artisan Earl Thornton in the studio of Earl Thornton Films. We have set the bar extremely high for ourselves, which has been endorsed by numerous reviews in reputable magazines. Our professional photo lab ensures all prints are gallery-quality. You can expect nothing but the best, since all of the wall-art, prints and film  are produced using time-honored, traditional craftsmanship and latest technology.


THE WOODEN BLACKBOX: adds a surprising depth to the photographs.

MINIMALIST ACRYLIC CASING: brings beauty and strength to your prints.

STRETCHER FRAME: brings a natural, three-dimensional look to landscapes.

PASSE-PARTOUT: frame brings a sophisticated and refined look to your prints.

Portfolio Merit Award, 2019


American Arts Award, 2018


Digital Photography Award, 2016


About My Photography Influences

I'm influenced by people, places and relationships we have with one another. My vision of photography and film connects us all to the love and lifestyle it breathes inside of me.

If your photographs aren't good enough, you haven't shot enough.

E. Thornton